About Me

Nancy Willard, MS., J.D, is the Director of the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use. She has a background in work with at risk youth and law and has focused on issues of youth risk online and effective Internet use management in schools for over 12 years.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Nancy,
    AWESOME books you’ve written. I stumbled on them when I was doing research for my website. Yes, my last name is Bean and I was written up in a National computer magazine about the name since I used my own name. It’s subject matter is about abuse, harassment and stalking. So, it’s BeanStalkline and my license plate is BNSTKLN. I provide resources for those being harassed/stalked, because of personal experiences. I found your books so INSIGHTFUL. Blessings, Christine Bean

  2. Nancy,

    Thanks for all your work in this field and the generosity you have shown me in helping me with my efforts… thanks!!

  3. Nancy–
    I am always pleased to run into your work and periodically revisit this site which is, of course–fantastic!

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